Boxing Apparel

Boxing is a combat sport that tests the strength and skill of opponents. Boxing apparel is an integral part of not only Professional boxers but also amateur boxing. Boxing apparel is not only for show and glamour but also to differentiate opponents.Boxing apparel includes different articles like boxing shorts, boxing jersey, boxing robe etc. Professional boxer's apparel differs from amateur boxers. Amateur boxing does not allow some of the glitter that is allowed in professional boxing.

Here is a list of boxing apparel most commonly used:

Boxing shorts:
Boxing shorts come in various sizes from kid's extra small size to XXL.Boxing shorts are made of various materials but the 2- wait band is a standard. For professional boxing there is no set rule on colors, style or glitter used however for amateur boxing there are specific rules on what can and cannot be worn.So if you are a amateur boxer and buying shorts for completion make sure you get the correct shorts.Amber Boxing Gear carries a wide range of colors, styles and sizes for any completion.For training there are no rules on shorts. Any comfortable shorts will do.Amber Boxing Gear carries a wide range of Boxing Training Shorts.

Boxing jersey:
A boxing jersey is not required for profession fights but for amateur fights you must wear a boxing jersey. Most amateur fighters will color coordinate they boxing jerseys to match their shorts or shoes will specify gym colors and have their fighters worn the same colors jerseys not only to show gym colors but symbolizing support from the team to the fighters.Most boxing jerseys are made satin or nylon breathable material that wicks sweat.Amber Boxing Gear carries a robust range of boxing jerseys in various sizes, colors and finish.Most of the jerseys can be color coordinated with shorts sold by Amber Boxing Gear.

Boxing robes:
Boxing robes are not required for amateur or professional fights. However boxing robes have become a staple as a walk in apparel most fighters use before getting in the ring.Boxing robes come in various shapes but the traditional boxing robe in full length is the standard.Boxing robes are usually made of satin and have a high gloss sheen finish.For amateurs there are various kinds of robes that are used.Amber Boxing Gear carries a wide range of boxing robes in many sizes, colors and styles.

Besides shorts, jerseys and robes Amber Boxing Gear carries a large range of boxing apparel to meet any boxer's needs.