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A high quality professional club cricket ball handcrafted from top quality alum tanned Leather and tallow dipped.

Key Features

  • Made from Top Quality alum tanned Leather and tallow dipped.
  • Natural Cork Center wrapped with quality 6/7 layers wool.
  • 5 ply thread used for stitching.
  • 4-piece, 60-65 stitches.
  • English lacquered and wax polished for lasting shine. 5.5oz.

Detailed Description

Excellent ball for any club or league playing. This ball is used for professional and semi professional play. This ball is made of four-piece ball of alum tanned leather. Dyed red throughout for superb look. The core is encased with layers of top quality cork, wound under tension with 100% wool. The core is naturally seasoned.

Detailed Description

Excellent handcrafted tennis cricke bat. Specially made for Amber sports with quality select Kashmir Willow. This bat is great for any home play with family or friends or even in a club environemnt.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.