Algieri’s victory Has Given Huge Attraction To Arum

Algieri’s victory has given huge attraction to Arum, but says he has to get the second best victory against Pacquiao
Bob Arum, top rank promoter believes in Chris Algieri as he has all qualities to be a massive star in boxing, even as the fight against Manny Pacquiao on November 22 is nearing.

Algieri’s victory has given huge attraction to Arum

With a second best victory, Algieri has the chance to make his impression in the sport in Macau, China, even though Arum mentioned that any win over Pacquiao would mean an instant return between the two.

Arum says“First let me put it on the legal level. If Algieri wins the fight, there is a provision in the contract that he must give Manny Pacquiao a rematch. So if he does pull off the upset and wins, I’m sure Manny would want revenge so that would be Algieri’s next fight. Then we would have to see what develops along the line,”

“But Algieri is one of the most confident fighters that I have run across. He has convinced everyone he has spoken to, because he believes it himself, that he is prepared to give the fight of his life against Manny. He is very intelligent. He knows what he’s doing in the ring and this is going to be a very competitive fight.

“Commercially, if you beat somebody like Manny Pacquiao, particularly someone as media friendly and so crowd friendly as Algieri, he would instantly be a huge attraction in the sport of boxing.”

Pacquiao who is now 35 was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez during the 2012 period, though the oddsmaker see the Filipino having too much for Algieri who captured over Ruslan Provodnikov to earn his big opportunity.

Floyd Mayweather in a Great Confusion

Subsequent to the double victory which he had recently over Argentinian hardman Marcos Maidana, King Floyd Mayweather Jr has disclosed that he is considering stepping away from the sport.

Floyd Mayweather in a great confusion

The 37 year-old, who enhanced his astounding record to 47-0 with two choice triumphs in Las Vegas in the not so distant future, has right away been joined to battles with Amir Khan and Manny Pacquiao, with father Floyd Sr. actually set so far as to say he needs both conflicts to happen next.

Mayweather didn’t respond well to his father’s remarks in a late question with yet tossed a spanner in the works when expressing that his occupation hangs to be determined with two battles still to run on his Showtime bond.

“I could care less what Amir Khan say, much the same as I could care less what anyone says. I’m going to be mine and do what I want to do, when I want to do and how I want to, “Mayweather told Ben Thompson.

“I don’t know who I’m battling next. I don’t even know in case I’m battling once more. Like I told, a considerable measure of diverse insane considerations experiences my mind consistently. Now and then I need to battle, once in a while I would prefer not to battle.

A date of May 2, 2015 is as of now situated aside for “Cash” to endeavor to close inside one of Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record, albeit suitable adversaries for Mayweather are at present few and far between.

Besides Khan and Pacquiao, there is only really Danny Garcia, Kell Brook or Keith Thurman at 147lbs that could hold a pay-per-view show with Mayweather – who could turn towards a shot at 160lb champion Miguel Cotto whom he defeated back in 2012.