Fight with Floyd Mayweather is in close proximity says Manny Pacquiao


Boxing world’s most expected and long-awaited fight is in very close proximity says Manny Pacquiao! This statement comes as no surprise to all boxing fans out there, but did you know that it is been accepted after a key demand to undergo drug testing.

The Filipino world champion boxer said discussions were almost over after he dropped his disagreement to drugs screening- as a matter of fact, even suggested a $5m fine if he tests positive.

Mayweather had demanded strict Olympic-style drug test that would require blood tests 30 days before the fight, in its place of a few days, in previous negotiations.

"(The fight) is near. The negotiations are almost over and done with," Pacquiao said during a break from evening sessions in parliament, where he represents one of Philippines’ provinces.

"We agreed that this fight has to take place. We are settling down and sorting out the kinks. He (Mayweather) said he wants the fight to push through."

With two draws and 38 knockouts, Pacquiao is 57-5, while Mayweather is 47-0 with 26 knockouts.

This mega-fight that’s most expected could go down in history as one of the most biggest and most lucrative.

On the other hand, boxing fans are up the creek to see them fight in peak form, with Pacquiao aged 36 and Mayweather 37.

Mayweather shoot down a deal had been signed out in a brief television interview on Sunday, but he said he was confident the fight with Pacquiao would happen for sure.

Furnishing with few other details, Pacquiao brushed aside to say how much the deal would be worth, nevertheless, he said another game section in the contract was doubtful.

Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter, ignited a talk of the fight happening in Las Vegas in May last month when he said negotiations in the contracts had been "summed up to very small points".

Among the many reasons that have not permitted the two from getting into the ring in the past was a demand by Mayweather that he be given a bigger share of the fight’s revenue.

And in the matter of the drug testing settlement, Pacquiao said that he had agreed to the demands, though he did not give particulars of the requirements.

"We agreed to their demand. If truth be told, I suggested a $5m fine if I test positive for drugs," he said.

Monty Betham to face Adam Hollioake soon

“Monty Betham to face Adam Hollioake soon”


By no means, Monty Betham has ducked a challenge and is not about to start now.

In a month or two after stopping Carlos Spencer in a weighted all for bout, Monty has been called out by former English cricket captain Adam Hollioake to exchange blows in next month’s Super8 boxing event in Christchurch.

“I’m sick of fighting people and not being taken seriously so I was looking for someone who, if I beat him, people will give me credit,” Hollioake said yesterday.

“I want to show people that I’m not just some guy who fights deadbeats.

“Monty is a good fighter. There’s no good in me coming out there and challenging someone who is rubbish. The whole idea is to challenge someone that people rate – everyone rates Monty Betham highly.”

Although no agreement has been signed and Monty Betham is yet to gain go-ahead from his spouse, the fight over four, three minute rounds is likely to be confirmed today.