Playing carom board is fun but, it is necessary that all the carom gears are situate right to play the game. One such important and critical accessory is the carom coins without which the game is just impossible. Amber is an extensive sporting goods outlet which offers all types of carom coins along with a range of carom accessories. Basically there are three different colors in carom coins and it includes black, white and red. It comprises a set of nineteen coins out of which nine are black and nine are white and one red coin which is formally known as the queen.

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  1. Break To Finish Professional Coin Set

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    Price: $12.99
    We bring to you a fine set of wooden carrom coins for professional level play. The set may also be used as a club or just for a friendly game at home. Use the Amber Professional Wooden Coins Set for an engrossing session of carrom. Learn More
  2. Tournament - Amatuer

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    Price: $12.00
    Amatuer quality carrom playing coin set. Learn More

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