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Climbing Anchor Bolt (Set of 3)

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Quick overview:
  • Stainless Steel 304 wedge type expansion bolts
  • Nuts and flat washers are included
  • Diameter: 10mm  & 12mm
  • Placement length: 62mm. Compressive Strength > 75MPa(10mm) & 30MPa(12mm).
  • Recommended length of bore in rock: 70mm
  • Great for mountaineering, rock climbing, rescue, rappelling, aloft work, etc.


Choose the bolt size carefully depending upon strength of base rock material. If the rock is soft or has uneven composition such as Sandstone and Limestone, then any rock anchor, including ours will not be strong enough to endure heavy loading. This anchor is not recommended for use in coastal areas because it may not last as long as it normally should. For areas within 100 km of coastline we recommend the anchors must be made in marine grade Stainless Steel. If you are combining our bolts with hangers from another manufacturer, then ensure that they are made from the same grade of metal.

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