Your health and fitness is an imperative part of your life and Amber Sports has all the fitness equipment and gear you need to get into shape and stay in shape. We've got excellent equipment, from jump ropes to weights; we are ready to help you reach your fitness goals. Are you in weight training mode? Check out our wide selection of weight lifting gloves, dumbbells and more. If you are getting into yoga, this is a great place to start. Grab a yoga mat and other great yoga gear. Staying fit is always a hit!

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  1. Premium Textured Foam Roller

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  2. Foam Roller

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    • The 18" & 36" Foam Roller is the most effective way to stretch, strengthen and relieve muscle pain throughout your body.
    • Typically used for Self Myofascial Release (SMR), the foam roller can improve your flexibility, massage away muscle tension and reduce overall recovery time.
    • It can also be used for stretching exercises, core strengthening, yoga, Pilates and physical therapy.
    • UPC 18 inch : 764560817774
      UPC 36 inch : 764560817781
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2 Item(s)

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