Protection is one of the most important aspects of boxing. So we have put together all the essential protective products you’ll need whether you’re a trainer, or a boxer. This range includes head geard,shin guards, groin protectors, handwraps, mouthguards, boxing gauze, rash guards and much more.

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  1. Invincible 180" Hand Wraps (1 Pair)

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    • UPGRADED QUALITY: New and improved invincible Hand wraps with a thicker double-cut semi-elastic stretch wraps manufactured with the perfect blend of spandex and polyester.
    • SNUG FIT: Custom form to fit every athlete's hand, wrist and fist for ultimate protection.
    • Wrap between fingers and knuckles for a tight fit.
    • SECURE CLOSURE: Hook-and-loop closure for security and non-slip fit.
    • DIMENSIONS: 180" length.
    • COLOR: Marron, Coral, Lime Green, Purple
    • Machine washable.
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1 Item(s)

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