Invincible 180" Hand Wraps (1 Pair)

  • UPGRADED QUALITY: New and improved invincible Hand wraps with a thicker double-cut semi-elastic stretch wraps manufactured with the perfect blend of spandex and polyester.
  • SNUG FIT: Custom form to fit every athlete's hand, wrist and fist for ultimate protection.
  • Wrap between fingers and knuckles for a tight fit.
  • SECURE CLOSURE: Hook-and-loop closure for security and non-slip fit.
  • DIMENSIONS: 180" length.
  • COLOR: Marron, Coral, Lime Green, Purple
  • Machine washable.
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New and improved thick Invincible Hand wraps from Amber Fight Gear will sort all your contact sports needs. Wear this pair under your gloves for breathability and high protection against injuries and start training! They are truly invincible and combat sports essential.
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