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Karate Belt Orange/Black

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Quick overview:
  • STURDY: Constructed with a 100% cotton canvas, the core and surface our karate belts is extremely soft and durable to withstand years of wear.
  • FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: It's easy to tie and provides a professional fit.
  • DIMENSIONS: All belts are 1.5 inch wide.
  • AVAILABLE SIZES: Size 000 - 75 inches, Size 00 - 77 inches , Size 0 - 81 inches, Size 1 - 85 inches , Size 2 - 89 inches, Size 3 - 96 inches, Size 4 - 104 inches, Size 5 - 112 inches, Size 6 - 120 inches, Size 7 - 128 inches, Size 8 - 136 inches, Size 9 - 144 inches , Size 10 - 152 inches.


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Price: $7.00


We all know that a person who holds a black belt in Karate is considered to be well talented and skilled. Additionally, his black belt also symbolizes that he has accomplished his represents. Get this professional grade red and black belt from the Amber Fight Gear collection today! The varied martial arts require great quality belts as per professional standards. The progress of karate student is always graded with Kyu(colour belts) and dan (black belt ranking) since early 1900s. There are multiple other karate belts that individuals must achieve before reaching the highest level of their training. Take your pick according to the level that you set out to achieve! Pick your size and get started today.

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